Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

1. Papers must be in English.
2. The first page of the manuscript should contain:
(i) the title
(ii) the name(s), position(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s)
(iii) the address, telephone and fax numbers (as well as the e-mail address) of the corresponding author.
(iv) an abstract of 50-200 words.
(v) JEL categories
(vi) 5 keywords
3. Manuscripts should be 1.5 spaced, Please use Times New Roman font in 12 pt. type and maintain a 1-inch (2.5-cm) side, top, and bottom margin. Equations and symbols should be typed as well.
4. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively.
5. Subtitles should be numbered consecutively (1., 1.1., 1.2., 2., 2.1., 2.2., etc.)
6. References should be listed at the end of the main text in alphabetical order. They should be cross-referenced in the text by using the author’s name and publication date in the style of Serin (1970), or (Cemal, 2002: 12-15).
References should be typed in the following style:

Taylor, F. (1996) Mastering Derivatives Markets. London: FT Pitman Publishing.
Kumar, P. & Seppi D. J. (1992) �Futures Manipulation with Cash Settlement.� The Journal of Finance 47 (4): 1485-1502.
Chapters in Books:
Ozturk, M. (1999) �Orta Asya Cumhuriyetleri�nin Ekonomik Durumlarına Bakis�, In M.Kemal Öke (Ed.) Gecis Surecinde Orta Asya Turk Cumhuriyetleri pp. 125-155 Istanbul: Alfa.
Web sites:
Biography Center. (accessed September 15, 2007).
Working Papers
Isabel, M. (2004) �An Efficient Descending-Bid Simultaneous Auctions for Multiple Objects.� NBER Working Paper 97�06.

Conference Papers
Civan A., Bayyurt N. & Serin V. (2006) “The Effects of Expert Support on Farmers’ Income: A Survey Analysis” , Sixteenth Annual World Business Congress of the IMDA, Maastricht, Holland.



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