Practice grew Science

Practice grew Science Science
Abu Ishmah, a disciple of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal mabit (overnight) at his home. As usual, he was preparing for his guest ablution water. By Fajr, Imam Ahmad obtain water ablution is still intact and untouched. Then he said, “What exactly is your purpose here?” Abu Ishmah replied, “I come here to learn hadith.” Imam Ahmad said, “How am I going to teach hadith, while you do not run tahajud at night?”

Imam Ahmad saw the scene as a gaffe, and understand that he could dlipahami of expression is, that the student of knowledge should have a greater seriousness to perform night prayers, as well as other voluntary deeds after the compulsory.

Sufyan bin Uyainah have an attitude similar to Imam Ahmad, he was not in the mood to educate people who seek knowledge, but no signs of going diamalkan, he said, “If you see a student of knowledge, when increased knowledge of science actually gain a lot of debate, and gandrungnya of the world increases, so do not teach science to him. ”

Charity, Gratitude Being Against Science
Should an enthusiastic student of knowledge for the practice of science that has gained enthusiastic as he is in search of additional new science. Because the principal purpose of studying is to diamalkan. Practice of science is also a sign of God’s blessings in the form of science, by which God will add science as ziyadah (additional) favor it, “Verily if ye are grateful, surely We will add (favors) unto you,” (Surah Ibrahim: 7)

So whoever is grateful for the favors of science with the charity, Allah will increase the blessings of science. As was said by Abdul Wahid bin Zaid, “Whoever apply their knowledge, God will open her previously unknown knowledge.”

If we find it difficult to keep the knowledge we’ve ever seen, or add a science that we want, we deserve a lot, is there anything we have practiced the science we already know? Because of the nature ilmumu it as claimed by Ibrahim ibn Adham, “Science is always summon / invite charity, if fulfilled his call will come, but if not the science will go.”

People who are only busy in search of knowledge but do not try to practice it, like people looking for money but he was unable to spend it, then what good is he making money?

Abdullah bin Mubarak said, “People who are intelligent, someone who not only thought to increase knowledge, before he tried to practice what he had, so he demanded to diamalkan science, because science sought to diamalkan.

Of course, the emphasis he is motivated to practice the science that has been owned, not braking or dropping the spirit to increase knowledge. However, we still have to constantly keep trying to study and practice of science. Not justified also someone who is not willing to study with a reason to fear going demands. Because the mean from the beginning he had no intention to practice science. Eventually he became a fool of science and empty from the charity. Exactly the answer friend Abu Hurayrah, when someone told him, “Actually, I want to seek knowledge, but I’m afraid to waste it (ie afraid claim to practice it).” Then he said, “Suffice it to say you are wasting the science if you not willing to learn.

Conformity Between Science and Charity
The scholars looked at, someone not to say pious (the knowledgeable) except after mengamlkan science that has “Innamal ‘aalim, man’ amila bimaa ‘pious.”
Imam ash-Sya’bi also believes that people who faqih is a person who is really away from everything that is forbidden Allaah, and the pious are those who fear Allaah.

If we look at the ulama salaf and the priest who sprinkled science, will we find that they are not just scientists, but also experts in worship. Not just worship compulsory and which looks, but also worship the Sunna and the hidden.

Like the Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahullah. He used to turn half the night. Until one day he passed a people, and he heard them whispering, “This man (ie Abu Hanifah), turn on all night to worship.” Then Abu Hanifa said, “Really! I’m ashamed to God, if I was mentioned in something I did not do. “Then after that he always turn on all night.

May God Almighty have mercy on Imam Thawus when he woke up from his bed so he berbolak berbolak and forth as grains and forth over the pan when frying. Then he jumped out of bed and perform Fajr prayer until the time comes, then said: “The mention of her sleep eliminate naar Jahannam the servants of Allah Ta ‘ala.”

Their circumstances as stated by Imam ash-Shafi’i, “It is proper that a student of knowledge has a secret between him and God, in the form of good deeds, not just rely on the number of science but little hope for the hereafter.” Did we deserve to bear the as a student of knowledge? Wallahul muwaffiq.

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