In Patience There Consciousness

In Patience There Consciousness

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In Patience is Consciousness

There is a pleasant habit heart and my soul lately
this. Each time you finish doing the meditation, then find
series proper understanding for many people is divided into day,
then I write the message to the SMS message is sent to
dozens of friends. And not a few friends who menerusakannya again
to dozens of other companions. So the SMS messages
always begins with the word `Gede Prama’s message of the day ‘as
devotional materials that awaited many friends. Once there weeks without
SMS last, not a few friends who sent me an SMS: Where
message for the week?

If there are people who do the gathering in a way come
friend’s house I do silahturahmi via SMS. And in a message-
SMS messages are usually themed love, stillness, happiness and
patience, there is the chance to ask, is there they receive a message
than a consultant or from a pastor?. Lightly
This question I answer, that this message comes from a
intellectual vagabonds. A name given by either
a friend, and by chance I love it. The reason,
My odyssey has been through a lot of home pages

Born and indeed the world’s great management, but because it was barren
and dried in the place of birth, I am continuing odyssey where-
where. A journalist friend that summarizes my work, had
call my journey thus far as a mix between
psychology, and religious pilosopi. And whatever designation and mixtures thereof,
similar to the house that I lived while writing,
also my intellectual home without a fence, and fence dividing partition.

Clearly there is one thing that most helps me live in silence
intellectual home without a fence: the patience. We can still argue
about the relationship between intellectual quality and the silence on the one
sides, with the patience on the other. But I got a lesson
quite a lot of patience. He not only becomes the engine of happiness,
machine but also the clarity and stillness.

When turned on the stairs of my understanding earlier, how
closure of the mind and the mind can reappear in quality
a personality that is far from patience. Anger is a sign of extreme
who come to the surface as a result of production of impatience. Cuman
Mind closure can not be seen as easily as we see people
angry. He often comes in a very hidden.

While still studying in Britain and had little
fascinated by the ideas of people like Derrida and Foucault, have
thought to participate in constructing the mind into the weak and strong
mind. Where patience closer to the weak mind, and
impatience generate strong mind. However, the more the
dived and deepening patience, the more I confronted
borderless Mind, an understanding without barriers. Whatever the contents of the mind
from young and old, the joys and sorrows, urban-rural, educated-uneducated, until
by born and Unborn mind, it still barriers was not much
help. Any forms of insulation to make the journey of understanding not
added in, otherwise even more shallow.

Call it the barriers right and wrong, or like-dislike. He made
everyone can only see a fraction of the world faces.
What’s more daunting barriers such as ideology and religion
defended by terror bombings and ultimately produce tears. He
mendangkalkan addition, also make the life-faced

Reflecting this is where I cancel my intention to join
construct the weak and strong mind. Then, go on together
patience with a simple goal: go beyond the mind.
The difference, if Derrida and Foucault uses the vehicle of thought,
I was studying beyond the mind with a walk Yoga. A
roads with very little language, what words again bulkhead.

At the level of consciousness, the world was without a fence, separator and without
bulkhead. However, he became difficult to reach because ordinary people see
and explain the `only ‘through the language – from which the bulkhead and separators
originated. It’s not easy to communicate, what else
explain to you how to face the awareness through the media
language. Want to actually, one time this column there are only images and
my name, and the remainder only a blank paper. When where necessary without
paper, without explanation, no nothing. That there is only blank
empty. Unfortunately, the manager of the magazine is not crazy enough to
I invited included in consciousness.

Back to my initial story about SMS messages that make
many friends ask me wonder whether to pursue psychology, pilosopi
or even religion, from where the odyssey I suggested to friends
friend, I was a hermit who told to be a king. And
of this king’s chair and then I found out, patience vehicle
who can bring us in consciousness. Will you come with me,
not participate or fled in fear, that your affairs respectively. The
clear, so this paper was completed – as long as you know – I ran
headlong shallow leave the explanations and
This shameful.

By: Gede Prama

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