my paper: “pancasila and agroindustries”


As citizens of Indonesia based on Pancasila as the state symbol, it can be also found application in the life of the nation Pancasila Indonesia.

One of them that is associated with the first precepts Pancasila ie belief in one God, especially a religious Muslim who has the sunna and the command in order to find a halal meat. by linking the benefits of agro-science therein.
As we all know that meat is food that is pretty much favored people of Indonesia. Although they’re expensive, but the pleasantness of the taste as if making people did not hesitate to spend more money to get a delicious menu of meat-based, we call it meatball, steak, satay, etc.. but despite that we as students who already have agro-industry is more about materials science agroindustrial materials such as meat and also a Muslim who has a confident attitude to Allah SWT should be able to know the various linkages keduannya in determining halal or haram food we eat, especially meat.
Before discussing further, we must know the definition of meat in the Agro-industry science major foodstuff for human consumption, both obtained from domestic animals or game animals (Hadiwiyoto, S., 1993). In addition, meat is also defined as all animal tissue and all products are the result of processing these networks are suitable to be eaten and not cause health problems. Organs such as liver, kidney, brain, lungs, heart, spleen, pancreas, and muscle tissue is included in this definition.
In Islam, halal and haram foods have been arranged in al qur’an including on meat from animals slaughtered. DR. Yusuf Qaradawi in Halal and Haran book explaining that the kosher land animals that eat there are two kinds:
1. Animals that can be controlled / domesticated, such as camels, cows, goats and other domesticated animals.
2. Wild animals and can not be controlled.
The animals in order to be eaten with kosher, Islam gives the requirements is to kill it according to the rules of Personality ‘.
Terms of slaughter according to Islamic rules’ and its relationship with knowledge of Agro-industry:
A. Animals must be killed or stabbed with a sharp instrument which can drain blood from the animal, whether it be a stone tool or even wood.
In a hadith when Adi bin Hatim Thai ath once asked the Prophet Muhammad, “O Messenger of Allah, we hunt and catch an animal, but this time we do not have knives, sharp stones and parts only stick we have, we can use to slaughter? “the prophet replied,” Stream is his blood with whatever you like, and call it the name of Allah over it. “(Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Hakim and Ibn Hibbaan). And as in another narration “Verily, God requires that to do good to something. Therefore, if you kill, then kill with a fine, and his knife and mudahkanlah penyembelihannya tajamkanlah it. “(Reported by Muslim)
In the points above, so we can conclude that we must slaughter the animal with a fine, not to torture or hurt. If anyone is prepared to facilitate the slaughter fainted and did not hurt the animals in a faint, then it is allowed. But if electrocuted or beaten that it means to hurt, then it is not allowed. even the prophet forbid we show the knife to be used for butchering, especially when it comes to hurt.
If both the above hadith is a view in terms of the Islamic religion in terms of agro-slaughter using a sharp tool is also indeed very useful in accelerating the process of slaughter so that the blood of these animals quickly get out because the blood of a series of slaughter process should be as much as possible removed from the meat, because the blood can lead to microbial contamination. How to completion is usually done by hanging the blood of slaughtered animals to facilitate blood dripping down. The hanging after cutting stage also facilitate the next stage (dressing).
In addition, the condition of livestock such as cows would be slaughtered and handling after cutting is very important in controlling the condition of contraction (spasm) of muscle, which in turn determine the tenderness of meat, so it’s easier to be processed and can be produced meat is soft and of good quality.
There is also a surplus or profit pengistirahatan good treatment for animals prior to slaughter more detail ie One way to delay or damage to putrefaction by bacteria, after the animals were killed in the meat becomes anaerobic conditions, anaerobic conditions – glycogen is converted into lactic acid – increased muscle acidity – a little role in the preservation of meat. animal activity before being slaughtered meat produced faster decay, the meat is darker in color.
B. Slaughter must be done in the animal’s neck, because this place is more effective to separate the live animals and more easily, the Islamic religious requirements may fall if the slaughter was not done in a special place. For example, the animal fell into a fertile, and do not allow to be cut, it should be like a hunted animal.
For in our country (Indonesia) there are still many who use the manual process that is by cutting his own neck of the animal, but in this case for a large industrial scale in terms of very difficult, moving industry in this field more effectively use the machines to perform cutting especially in the slaughter process. The industry is much practiced in foreign countries (except Indonesia) so as to meat imports is still very difficult to detect and haraam halal meat.
But in the case of meat imports predominantly Jewish and Christian religion is allowed, in this case, God explains in verse Al Ma’idah verse 5: “On this day Lawful unto you are all right. Food (slaughtered) the people who were given the bible it is lawful for you, and ye halal food (too) for them. “In simple verse means,” on this day all good things lawful for you, because it has nothing else called: Bahirah, saibah, washilah and ham. While food scribes, both Jewish and Christian basically halal for you, and vice versa kosher food for them. That means if the meat is imported from countries that the majority of the population are from the people of the Book (Christians, Jews), then the meat is halal, of course, for meat from animals that are permitted by Islam. But if the meat is from a communist country that overwhelmingly atheist (not acknowledge the existence of God), it is forbidden to eat meat.
C. Mention the name of Allah while slaughtering. “And Do not eat the animals that are not mentioned the name of Allah when the slaughter. actually act like that is a transgression. “(al-An’am: 121).
In addition to the above paragraph adapula Rosulullah hadith which states those who lay the animal on his right side and put his left foot on the neck of the animal is ultimately the person is working too hard crossed his hands in order to slaughter the animal is then he is a fool to the Sunnah of the Prophet, torturing myself themselves and animals will be slaughtered. However, animal meat is still permissible to eat. If the animal is laid on his left side then the more comfortable for animals slaughtered and want more out of life as well as expediting the process easier in the process of slaughter. Even that was sunna that was practiced by the Prophet and all Muslims and even the practice of all people.
From the explanation described above, so we can have a close relationship between sunna slaughter Rosulullah exemplified by their emergence in getting good meat that can be explained in the science of Agro-industry with the explanation that the cutting process as follows Ante Mortem Inspection is an examination of livestock diseases and abnormal conditions before being slaughtered. This is very much an animal that was already found to have seeds or diseases such as mad cow Antrax and so forth. Then the physical condition of livestock before slaughter to be free from illness and injury, well-nourished, not hungry, do not stress, get enough rest, and the skin clean and dry so that the meat produced better. The next stage can only be implemented if the outcome of the ante mortem inspection activities meet the criteria required. After meeting the requirements, then do slaughter animals. Slaughter is done by cutting the blood vessels, the airway, as well as street food, as already exemplified Rosulullah Saw. Also good with a condition slaughter animals in a state of calm and done as quickly as possible. Slaughter is usually performed in slaughterhouses (abbatoir) Usually to make slaughter quickly by using equipment such as a sharp knife.
Sila belief in one God can be applied in any field one in the world of Agro-industry and society.


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