1. Rosulullah Saw said, “If God wills good to someone, then He will give him of understanding religion.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Rosulullah Saw said, “Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, and people who put science in addition to the experts like a pearl and gold jewelry hung on the wild boar.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah and others)


Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female. Obligations are not limited to adolescence, but also the obligation to look for an old science never stops.

In the book “Ta’limul Muta’allim” that must be mentioned that the science is first demanded “Haal science” is science that must be used immediately and diamalkan for anyone who already baligh. Like the science of Tawheed and Fiqh sciences. In the science of Tawheed that must be learned first-Esaan known to God and His attributes are mandatory and Muhal, belief in angels, the books of God, the Prophet, the Day of Judgement and the fate and bad is from Allah. Later on in the science of Fiqh which must be studied range from about Ubudiyyah and Muamalah.

If the two areas of science that has been mastered, a new study other sciences, such as medicine, and sciences that are beneficial to humans.

Sometimes people forget to educate their children, so that more priority to the general science of religion rather than science. So the child becomes blind faith and underestimate their religious obligations. In this case, parents need to provide lunch once before his son learn the science of religious sciences in general of diverse kinds.

3. Rosulullah Saw said, “To those who seek knowledge, the angels spread their wings for him because what he was willing to look for.” (Narrated by Ibn Asaker)

4. Rosulullah Saw said, “Whoever the coming doom, while he was still studying, he will meet with God where there is no distance between him and among the prophets except for one degree of prophethood.” (Narrated by Thabrani)


Seeking knowledge is a noble and praiseworthy deeds. Particularly the religious knowledge of Islam. Because, to pursue the religious sciences, meaning he has paved the way to seek God’s blessing. With the knowledge that he can avoid the prohibitions of Allah and His run commands. That’s why the angels always protect those who are studying. And later in the presence of God they get the glory that is to within one degree with the prophets.

5. Rosulullah Saw said, “The world is cursed, and cursed as well what is in it except for dhikr (remember) to Allah and nothing that follows it, the ‘pious and learned person.” (Narrated by Turmudzi)

6. Rosulullah Saw said, “Alms, most importantly, a Muslim who studied science and then taught science to others.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah)

The world and its contents accursed by God unless remembrance to Him and deeds-deeds that will make people remember him, the knowledgeable and the person claiming knowledge. More mainstream and more people who want to study then science is taught to others. This is the ultimate alms alms than property. Why is that? Due to teach science, especially religious knowledge, which means planting charity muta’addi (to grow), which benefited not only the person who taught dikenyam itself, but can be enjoyed by others

7. Rosulullah Saw said: “Science is greater than worship, is the best religion is the nature Waro ‘. “(Narrated by Thabrani)


Waro ‘is distancing himself from sin, doubtful goods and immoral. Who’s doubtful goods are goods that are still questionable halal and haraam. Only people who presumably berilmulah that can run well and perfect worship and apply Waro ‘in all his behavior.

8. Abi Umaamah said, “Shown to Rosulullah Saw two men, one of the two experts are the other people worship ‘pious.” Then the Messenger PBUH said, “The virtue of’ pious than the people worship like keutamaanku expert on the person most low of you. “Rosulullah continued,” Allah, His angels and the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth until the ant is in liangnya up to the type of fish, all mendo’akan people who teach kindness to mankind. “(Narrated by Thurmuzdi)


The meaning of ‘alim, is the’ alim who want to apply their knowledge, experts are people who worship, are those who diligently worship but stupid, so the ‘alim who apply their knowledge was greater than the fool who worship expert.

9. Rosulullah Saw said, “God is not worshiped with something greater than of understanding religion. And indeed one person who understood the religion, a more severe for the devil than a thousand devout persons. And every thing that is its pillar, are pillars of this religion is the fiqh (understanding). “(Narrated by Daruquthni)


Told that one day Rosulullah Saw came to the mosque. On the front door of the mosque that he saw Satan who hesitate to enter. Then he admonished him, “O Satan, what are you doing here?” The devil replied, “I will go to the mosque to menggaggu people who are praying. But I fear the man who was sleeping. “Immediately baliau replied,” O Satan, why are you not afraid of people who are praying facing his Lord, but rather the fear of the people who were sleeping?. “Satan replied,” Yes, because people ‘re praying it’s stupid to bother him more easily. Instead of people who were sleeping it was the ‘wise, so I worry if I disturb people who are praying that, then the’ pious awoke and immediately corrected his prayers. “Because the events that then Rosulullah Saw said,” Sleep of ‘alim better from the worship of people are stupid. “So is mentioned in the book” Minhajul Muta’allimin “.

10. Rosulullah Saw said, “If you pass in the garden paradise, then you guys have fun.” Companions asked, “O the Messenger, if the garden is heaven?” He replied, “that places science.” (Narrated by Thabrani)

Any council that there is a place to discuss, pursue, and develop knowledge, especially religious knowledge, the Majlis was like a garden paradise of bliss. Every sentence is heard it is equal to one virtue. How many virtues are acquired during the Majlis, the live count how many sentences that have been heard. And every virtue that will certainly be repaid with the pleasure in heaven.

Keynote Speaker: The Book “At-Targhiib Wat-Tarhiib”.


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